SERVICE ALERT: BWT Regular Service will be closed 12/13 due to high winds. || For Harbor Connector service updates, please follow our Twitter feed @BMoreWaterTaxi.
Where can I buy tickets?

Right here on this website, please visit the Tickets page.

Will I have to change boats to get to my destination?

Getting there is part of the fun! Our system is designed to move passengers in the most efficient way possible. We do have transfer points where you might have to switch boats depending on where you would like to go. Even if there is a line, it does move quickly. Please check out our Route Map and be sure to let our crews know where you are headed so you can make sure you get on the correct boat. If you have ANY question, please let a crew member know.

Does everyone have to wear a life jacket?

Because our operating area does not take us more than 1000 feet from shore, our passengers are not required to wear life jackets while onboard. Our trips generally range from 10-20 minutes, so the process of donning and removing life jackets would add significantly to the time it takes to load and unload passengers. We have life jackets available in marked compartments for all passengers in case of emergency situations and each boat has posted instructions for how to put on a life jacket. You can also find those instructions in the Baltimore Water Taxi Guide.

Why do you stop and make us get off the boat in the rain?

We only suspend service for severe weather situations. If we do suspend service, then our radar suggests an imminent storm, wind or lightning. It may have already started to rain which means you’ll get wet hurrying to shelter. We apologize for that inconvenience but, ultimately, you will be much safer indoors and off of the water. We will resume operations as soon as we deem it safe to do so. You can phone our office (410-563-3900, Option1) to check on the progress of the storm or get an estimate for re-opening. Your safety is always our first priority!

Will I have time to get to Fort McHenry?

Fort McHenry is one of Baltimore’s most popular attractions and we can sometimes get backed up with passengers wishing to visit this historic site. If you are planning a visit to Fort McHenry using the Water Taxi, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Especially on weekends and summer holidays, it is important for you to plan on visiting Fort McHenry earlier in your day so as to ensure you have time to spend there and avoid longer waiting times. The 2013 schedule for Fort McHenry is:

– April 1st – Sept 30th: The very last departure out of Fort McHenry is at 5pm daily. You must be on a boat to the Fort by 3pm in order to have time to see the Fort.

I ride the boats all of the time. Do you have any multi-use passes?

We do have a Membership Program, which is our annual, six-month, or monthly pass for locals and repeat riders. Check out our Memberships page for details and purchasing options.

If I drive to Baltimore, do you have parking available if we want to use your service?

Unfortunately, we do not have dedicated parking available for our customers. Parking in Fell’s Point is metered and time limitations are enforced. There are, however, plenty of parking garages located throughout the Inner Harbor all within walking distance to our landings.

There are open seats. Why can’t I get on board?

The United States Coast Guard specifies the number of passengers each vessel is able to carry. Even though there may appear to be extra seats on board, that doesn’t necessarily mean the boat is not near or at capacity. We cannot and will not exceed capacity regulations on any of our vessels no matter how persuasive you may be.

I've called your phone number and all I get is a machine.

Listen to the prompts and you will most likely have your question answered. You can get through to a real person if you just hold on a minute or two. If there is no one in the office, there is a cell phone number given on the company voicemail, which is directly connected to a Water Taxi Captain when the office is closed but the boats are still running.

Is the Water Taxi safe?

We are proud to say that we’ve been operating since 1975 without experiencing any major safety concerns. The Baltimore Water Taxi operates under an Operational Risk Management (ORM) model which is a decision-making tool used by Company personnel at all levels to increase operational effectiveness by identifying, assessing and managing risks. Any time our vessels are in service we have dedicated personnel monitoring conditions for safety. All vessels are inspected annual by the United States Coast Guard, operators must hold a Merchant Mariners Credential (Captains License), and deckhands must successfully pass a Maryland Boaters Safety Course. We also train and educate our crew members to guarantee the safety of passengers and the integrity of the service.

Why can't I bring my dog?

We love dogs but we carry too many people to be able to oversee animal behavior as well. Only trained service dogs may come aboard.

Why can't I bring my bike?

Safety and space. Getting a bike on and off different boats at different landings is not safe and many of our boats simply do not have the space. One bike could slow up the entire system for everyone and would take up space for other passengers. Also, there are strict Coast Guard regulations regarding where and how bikes must be stored on vessels to ensure proper space in walkways in emergency situations.

I see boats go by me even if I wave my hands and yell. Why?

If a boat passes by your landing without stopping it is either on another route or full. It is also possible that you are not standing in the right place. Similar to a bus system, the boats will only stop if there are passengers on our landing or if someone on the boat wishes to get off at a particular landing. You must be ON the landing where the crew of the boat can see you in order for the boat to know that you are waiting. You may call the office directly for an ETA.

Fort McHenry has free parking. Can I park my car there and get on the Water Taxi?

You cannot park your car at Fort McHenry and then get on the Water Taxi. You must have ridden the boat to the Fort in order to re-board there. The Fort does not want its parking lot full of cars all day, nor does it want Water Taxi passengers unable to return to their cars once our service to the Fort is ended for the day. For that reason, all passengers at Fort McHenry are checked for a returning hand stamp before they are permitted on the boats.

Why do you have so many routes?

Our routes are the results of decades of continual analysis of how people move. If we ran only one or two continual circles then boats would always be full and unable to pick anyone up at the next Landing.

What's your baseball game return policy at night?

For evening games only which run past our regular closing time, we provide a boat 1/2 hour after the last out of the Oriole’s game OR 12AM, whichever comes first. For example: if the game is still going at 11:30PM, you have to decide either to leave the stadium and walk back to Harborplace for a ride home, or stay until the end of the game and find another way home. This late return service is only for previously paid customers so show membership pass or scan your previously purchased ticket. The boat leaves from Landing #2, Harborplace.