The Baltimore Water Taxi is not in service today. If you'd like to request private service, contact our Groups Department (groups@baltimorewatertaxi.com). The Harbor Connector is operating on the normal schedule (Monday-Friday: 6:00am-11:00am and 2:30pm-8:00pm).    Find real-time service updates on our Twitter feed @BMoreWaterTaxi.


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The Captain is Baltimore Water Taxi’s representative and is responsible at all times for the safety of the vessel. The Captain will be the sole navigational officer for the vessel and will ensure all navigational and propulsion machinery is in satisfactory operating order. The Captain also oversees the safe loading and unloading of passengers.



The Deckhand is Baltimore Water Taxi’s representative on board a vessel while it is operating in/around the Baltimore harbor. The Deckhand is a skilled listener and performer able to absorb a wide range of new skills and perform associated tasks with little to no guidance. The Deckhand is the junior safety officer of the vessel under the Captains’ command responsible for the health and welfare of embarked passengers and fellow crew members. The Deckhand is a consummate professional who possesses the ability to evaluate a situation and act accordingly in the best interest of the passengers, crew members, and the company. The Deckhand is a customer service representative tasked with positively representing the company’s brand by engaging active/potential customers while resolving conflict. The Deckhand is an authority figure able to effectively manage passengers during normal operations and emergency situations. The Deckhand is a member of the crew who will follow the orders of those appointed over them.



The Business Development Intern will be a member of the fast-paced sales and marketing field team. You will be responsible for selling tickets, building awareness of our service locally, representing BWT at events, creating photo and video content for social media, and more. The Business Development Intern is creative, loves working with people, thinks on their feet, and constantly tries out new ideas. This position is for an ambitious self-starter who wants to learn the skills to grow their own business one day.



The MT is a critical support position for the Baltimore Water Taxi, which operates a fleet of small passenger vessels within the City of Baltimore. The MT has the primary responsibilities of maintaining, repairing, and ensuring the functionality of all assets in use by the organization. It is imperative that all assets are consistently operating in a safe and efficient manner, with a professional appearance. The MT must be familiar with, follow, and enforce all organizational policies and procedures. The MT is responsible for supporting a fleet of United States Coast Guard (USCG) inspected vessels to ensure they are being properly maintained and operational at all times. The MT reports to the Director of Maintenance.

All boats are operating on schedule.