BALTIMORE WATER TAXI SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Baltimore Water Taxi is operating seasonal service through October. The water taxi is currently OPEN on THURSDAY - SUNDAY. Check today’s hours, routes, and schedules on the “Maps & Schedules” page.     HARBOR CONNECTOR SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: HC1 (Maritime Park-Locust Point), HC2 (Canton-Locust Point), and HC3 (Federal Hill-Pier Five) are operating Monday-Friday, 6am-8pm. Canton service resumed on 4/5/21. Vessels are operating at a limited capacity with additional safety protocols for the safety of our guests and crew. Face masks are required to ride the Harbor Connector.


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The Captain is Baltimore Water Taxi’s representative and is responsible at all times for the safety of the vessel. The Captain will be the sole navigational officer for the vessel and will ensure all navigational and propulsion machinery is in satisfactory operating order. The Captain also oversees the safe loading and unloading of passengers.



The Deckhand is Baltimore Water Taxi’s representative on board a vessel while it is operating in/around the Baltimore harbor. The Deckhand is a skilled listener and performer able to absorb a wide range of new skills and perform associated tasks with little to no guidance. The Deckhand is the junior safety officer of the vessel under the Captains’ command responsible for the health and welfare of embarked passengers and fellow crew members. The Deckhand is a consummate professional who possesses the ability to evaluate a situation and act accordingly in the best interest of the passengers, crew members, and the company. The Deckhand is a customer service representative tasked with positively representing the company’s brand by engaging active/potential customers while resolving conflict. The Deckhand is an authority figure able to effectively manage passengers during normal operations and emergency situations. The Deckhand is a member of the crew who will follow the orders of those appointed over them.

All boats are operating on schedule.